Hazrat Adam and Hawa (A short Film)

It’s a short movie of Hazrat Adam A.S and Hawa, contains the basic knowledge of why Hazrat A.S and Hawa came to Earth.

According to Islam:

Hazrat Adam A.S and Hawa were in Paradise (Jannah). They had perfect freedom and were so happy in paradise. Allah told them to eat the fruits of the garden but they were forbided to approach and eat from one of the tree. Then came the Satan, who earlier did not bow before Adam A.S when ALLAH told him to bow. Satan then deceived them that ALLAH only forbade them not to eat from that specific tree because once you will eat that fruit, you will become immortal or like angels. Thus Adam A.S and Hawa ate that fruit.

 Episode 1


 Episode 2


 Episode 3